Secure Online Exams

Students easily participate to their exams through the central calendar on any device. 


EducaGate secure online exam system takes the necessary measures to ensure that the exam is conducted in a fair manner. The security aspect of the online examination process is critical for overcoming malpractices or unauthorized access to the information.

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  • Online exams are compatible with any PC, laptop, tablets and handy devices

  • Each scheduled exam has a predetermined application date and duration

  • Exam is accessible to its students at the predetermined exam date and time

  • All reports are created automatically upon the exam completion


  • Live Online Proctoring: Students are assessed and monitored by the teacher for the duration of the test via their webcam, microphone. 

  • Authentication: Student authentication is one of the most primary steps of an online exam. The first step in an online examination is the verification of a student’s identity. With EducaGate online exams, student logs in to the system using valid credentials. 

  • Exam Timer for Each Question: EducaGate provides a facility to set a timer for each question of the exam. In such a case, the student is unable to navigate questions. A specific sequence will be followed while appearing for the exam. Each question will be allotted a specified time for the attempt. If the student is unable to attempt the question in the specified time, the system moves on to the next question.

  • Randomized Questions: Question arrangement in an exam is a big deal! EducaGate offers a question randomization in exams. The order of questions as are randomized independently for every student.

  • Data Encryption During Transit: Online examination system’s data has been encrypted to prevent any kind of misuse. Question Bank and exam data are stored in a highly secure and encrypted manner. The entire communication between server and student is also encrypted with a secure mode of communication which ensures the confidentiality and assures the security of the examination data to its maximum.

  • Audit Logging: EducaGate Online Examination System provides a detailed audit logging facility where activities like Login, Logout, Exam Access, Answer Responses are recorded in the system. Using techniques like geotagging it is possible to track the exact location of the user during online exam activity

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