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Live Classes

Our live classroom application is designed entirely in line with the requirements of schools, and is integrated with smart board, digital school library and with schools own question bank to create an effective learning environment.


  • An internet browser

  • An adequate internet connection for uploading and downloading

  •  A smoothly running computer

  •  Webcam (If camera will be used in the session)

  •  Microphone (If a microphone will be used in the session)

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  • Daily, weekly and monthly viewing modes of teachers and student’s central education calendars

  • Smart board with class based automatic recording

  • Smart book with comprehensive comprehensive text tools including class based automatic recording

  • Ability to use the selected questions from your question library bank with comprehensive text tools

  • Build teams in your classes and perform interactive groupwork / teamwork

  • Central control of the teacher for students’ voice, videos and all other activities 


  • Live Class Recording; Live classes are recorded automatically and stored for 7 days as standard. Live class recordings can be kept for a longer period in accordance with the preference.

  • Live Class Central Schedule / Planning Calendar; With the central training calendar, live lessons can be easily scheduled planned and maintained on the basis of teacher, branch and unit. ·      

  • Smartboard; It is an automatic memory application that allows the teacher to use rich text and drawing features and authorize students to write according to their preference.

  • Smart Book; The teacher can use all PDF documents and books in the digital library with rich text and drawing features with class based automatic recording feature.

  • Question Bank: The teacher can list the questions pertaining to the unit of the lesson in the question bank, and use any question in the live class with rich text and drawing features and authorize also the student according to his preference.

  • Desktop Sharing; The teacher can share the computers desktop in the live class; thus, he can actively use any application he runs on the computer.

  • Digital Library; The teacher can upload any file type including PDF files or Videos. While interactively using PDF files and books in the live class, videos can be shared with students.

  • Teamwork: The student can ask the questions, address the class with the teacher's approval during live class session.

  • Oral participation: The teacher can open the voice of any student and he / she can be heard by the class and let him / her write on the smart board or on the question brought from the question bank.

  • Messaging; Teachers and students can send messages to the whole class. If the student wishes, he/she can also send a private message to the teacher.

  • Synchronized Structure: During the live lesson, the screen of all student is synchronized with the teacher's screen

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