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Exam Management

Online Exam Management Infrastructure

A practical, modular and flexible environment where schools have the opportunity to create exams according to their own assessment and evaluation structure.

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  • Creating modular and competency-based exams

  • Each exam has a predetermined release date

  • Schools can choose or create exams based on an education and outcome plan

  • Approval and scheduling of exams in central calendar to the classes

  • Student report card and success progress reports

  • Corporate school reports, assessment, measurement and evaluation

  • Student and parent integrations for automated notifications


  • Central Calendar: Exams can be scheduled, displayed and managed in the central calendar in various time frames; e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, by teacher or by branch.

  • Question Databank: Teachers can create their own school-specific question databank by entering their questions in their own library without any limitation.

  • Authorizations: The school administration can define user authorizations based on their own structure.

  • Easy Exam Creation: Teachers can create exams from the question databank by various criteria. 

  • Homework Assignment: Teachers can send homework and exams to students with automatic notification.

  • Print Exams with Custom Layout Design: Teachers can create and print exams with their own school logo and layout.

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